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There are a number of criminal offenses, often federal, that are termed "white collar crimes." These are crimes that are non-violent and usually financial in nature. In recent years, these offenses have been on the rise. In response, special task forces have been created and expanded, both federally and at the state level, to identify individuals engaging in financial crimes.

Any bank-related crime, such as bank fraud, credit card fraud or mortgage fraud is usually a federal criminal offense. Also keep in mind that because white collar crimes often include the use of the internet, mail system, or other transmission, white collar charges frequently include the additional charge of wire or mail fraud, which are both federal offenses.

When facing an accusation in federal court, it is critical that you have a high quality and knowledgeable Gainesville white collar crime attorney on your side that is familiar with the federal court system. At Kinsell Law Firm, we have over 15 years of experience defending clients charged with financial crimes, both in state and federal court.

"A major part of being a successful defense attorney

is knowing how to recognize the weaknesses in the State's case against your client. As a former prosecutor, I ask myself, 'Could I convict this person, and would I do it?' If you know how to successfully prosecute a case, you can then recognize the area or areas that are vulnerable to an attack."

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If you have been accused of a white collar crime, it is important that you are aware of all the facts regarding your case. Anti-Trust Law was put into place to allow healthy competition in the market. An antitrust violation occurs when companies fix prices, divide up customers, or rig contract bids. Bribery consists of offering money or another commodity in an attempt to affect the decision of a public official, judge, police officer, etc.

Any agreement concerning an illegal operation could be charged as conspiracy. Counterfeiting is printing money, copying copyrighted material, manufacturing knock-off items, and more. The penalties for counterfeiting vary based on the type of product and its value. If you have been entrusted with property or funds, stealing from these assets could be charged as embezzlement. Healthcare fraud includes crimes like: high billing, double billing, Medicare fraud, and charging for services that were not provided

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Our legal team has the resources that are often required to defend those accused of white collar crimes. In many cases, forensic computer experts are enlisted to support our defense case. Forensic accountants may be required in certain cases. As the prosecutor has the "burden of proof" in any criminal case, our legal team must expand upon the reasonable doubt that our client is guilty of the charge.

In some cases it is determined that there were rights violations in the acquisition of evidence or other serious error by law enforcement and in such cases, it is likely that our legal team will file a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence. There are strict procedures when obtaining evidence and violations are not uncommon. When these cases are successful, they result in the case being dismissed before going to trial.

It is critical that you have strong legal support in any white collar crime case. The federal system does not include the possibility of parole, and if convicted the individual will spend the entire sentence in the federal penitentiary. The prosecutors are tough and dedicated, and the law enforcement bodies involved are often the FBI, ATF or other highly motivated team.

When facing the odds of the unlimited resources of the federal government, you want to know that you have an experienced attorney that is prepared to aggressively defend you and has all the needed resources to bring to the case with an equally vigorous defense.

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